design: nazik dakkach

creole continuum is available on LP, CD, and for MP3 download at: www.howlarts.net/kaie

the album was released on september 5th, 2014 with howl! records. video from the launch is available at: www.kaiesharp.ca


personnel: martin heslop (contrebasse), jason sharp (bass & baritone saxophones), ted strauss (piano, organ), brahja waldman (drums, alto saxophone), kim zombik (voice), tyler fitzmaurice (recording, mixing), dimitiri condax (mastering).

design: kevin lo

vox:versus was recorded in 2010 at hotel 2 tango, montréal. v:v incorporates sound poetry, sound collage, and improvised conversation between poem and instrument.

word sound system #2

"when there is abstraction it is balanced by concrete words; where words are foregrounded there is abstraction in the mix – there is always a recognizable linguistic element to ground." -steven ross smith

dust my doom

personnel: martin heslop (contrebasse), jahsun (drums), stefan christoff (piano), kim zombik (vocal), dj andy williams (soundscapes), zeke (sound collage), jason selman (trumpet), radwan ghazi mounmeh (recording), graham lessard (mixing), harris newman (mastering).

vox:versus was launched at the suoni per il popolo festival, montréal, 2011.

photo: pablo riquelme

lettrism, dub, sound poetry, jazzoetry, voconoise, speech,

to perform - operate, function, work, act, go, run, percolate, perk, tick, play, be effective, have effect, have free play &/or

scream &/or syncopate consonants &/or feed back thru the amplifier &/or fast-speak &/or recite &/or chant &/or mangle language &/or stylize gibberish &/or utter in tied tongues &/or blow air thru the holes in vowels &/or issue isery thru the mouth &/or lament and gnash teeth &/or polemicize ire &/or

photo: mariel rosenbluth

make utterance - speech, language, talk, speaking, discourse, comment, parole, palaver, prattle, gab, chin music, chin, jaw, lip, yap, gaff, words, accents, chatter, conversation, elocution, utterance, articulation, vocalization, locution, phonation, breathing, voice, tongue, vocable, vocal, word, remark, statement, crack, delivery, subjoinder, accent, &/or

presence &/or body and sound &/or diaphragm &/or

L _ L L _ L LL from Jason Sharp on Vimeo.

please visit: www.kaiesharp.ca

kaie kellough and jason sharp have collaborated since 2011, performing in experimental music, jazz, and literary milieus. their work inhales varied elements, such as lettrism, noise, reading, improvisation, installation, and exhales both acoustic and electronic sound.

photo: pablo riquelme

"sharp’s bass saxophone provided drones and feedback-like distortions of sound, as kellough explored, distorted, and pulled apart words and their meaning, occasionally reducing them to their original phonological sounds as during the final piece RAIL, all performed with a rhythmic intentionality. the result created massive arches of musical tension, as language and musical syntax fragmented and reassembled."
- tyler versluis, for musical toronto

smtWTFs from Jason Sharp on Vimeo.

they have performed at the cluster festival (winnipeg), the innovations en concert series (montréal), the suoni per il popolo festival (montréal), the bruissements du cercle series (montréal), and onomatopoeia (toronto).

photo: mickey boston kovacks

photo: terry lim

maple leaf rag was published in 2010 by arbeiter ring publishing.

mlr is a dynamic, jazz-and-noise-infused riff on canadian culture. its concrete, written soundscape explores belonging, dislocation and relocation, and national identity from a black canadian perspective. this collection of poems syncopates the page and scores speech.

"Explorations into the fluidity of national and linguistic boundaries, and a creative tension between the visual and auditory, as represented on the page through multiple experiments in form, readability, and mixed media artistry, only serve to heighten the book’s emphases on cultural amalgamation and the mutable nature of a people’s and a place’s identities." - r cohen, 2011


october 15th, 2014 : victoria
canadian festival of spoken word

october 24th, 25th 2014 : barcelona
barcelona international spoken word festival

november 4th, 2014: montréal
ckut 90.3 fm, 12:00pm, interview on the kitchen bang bang law

february 9th, 2015: montréal
concordia university, digital texts & typography course, guest


october 1st, 2014 : montréal
résonance reading series, café résonance

september 5th 2014 : montréal
creole continuum, kaie kellough record launch w/ jason sharp

june 14th 2014 : toronto
oise & house reading w/ bronwyn haslam, laura broadbent, michael nardone, steve giasson, mat laporte

may 29th 2014 : montréal
hyena subpoena, catherine kidd book/cd launch

may 9th 2014 : toronto
ACROSS reading series

may 8th 2014 : toronto
onomatopoeia, w/ jason sharp

april 26th 2014 : montréal
howl! arts festival panel on art and gentrification

april 2nd, 3rd 2014 : calgary
calgary international spoken word festival

march 30th 2014 : ottawa
ottawa versefest

march 22nd 2014 : montréal
friends of freedom, café résonance

march 1st 2014 : winnipeg
cluster festival w/ jason sharp

live performance

sound po w/ multiple microphones
calgary international spoken word festival, 2014

poetry gabriola festival, gabriola island b.c., 2010

sound poetry performance
on edge reading series, emily carr university, vancouver, 2012

audio / text

international monetary funk
recorded at the banff centre for the arts, published in boulder pavement, issue 6, language, 2012

dedication to a tan nation:
podcast by d'bi young for badilisha poetry exchange, 2012


art threat
interview with poet michael lithgow for art threat, april 2011

10 or 20 questions
interview with rob mclennan for 10 or 20 questions, august 2011


signifying the tradition
by camille martin for influency salon / rogue embryo, august 2011

an inquiry
by raphael cohen for doveglion press, january 2011

chewing through poetry
by zoe landale for canadian literature, december 2011

rhymes and resistance
by vincent tinguely for rabble, july 2010